Feel Good Natural skin care tips for common

Deepika Padukone WallpaperAverage woman wears makeup everyday but they really don’t know how certain chemicals that are present in the makeup kits can affect their skin. And some of them doesn’t even suit our skin and can damage our skin overtime. So, it’s best to use natural skin care products and homemade skin care products that will not damage our skin but will protect it from external sources. Manufacturers won’t want to cause any harm to their customers and shut down their own company but there are some complex chemicals present in these products which can take a side effect and can cause harm to us in the other way. Here are few tips for good natural skin: Feel Good Natural skin care tips for common

Sleep to get rid of those dark circles:

Naturally, people nowadays tend to stay out of bed most of the time due to their work pressure, exam pressure or to watch movies late night which is actually not good for their health system and skin because it creates dark circles under our eyes, but when we sleep our hormones do their job faster and efficiently and make us hungry when we wake up. So, sleep as much as you can at night so you don’t get those dark circles.

Know which natural remedies love your skin:

Aloe Vera, honey and lemon are the most favourable remedies which can save our skin from different types of bacteria, from UV rays and dust. Lemon has citric acid that helps to clean dead cells on our skin and Vitamin C which provide skin lightening properties to get rid of tanned skin. Honey acts as a cleanser and also helps our skin to glow. Whereas, Aloe Vera ‘the immortal plant’ has so many natural nutrients and skin care properties which helps for soothing the inflammable skin parts after a sun burn and also clean the dark spots on our skin and tanned areas.

Healthy food for our beautiful skin:

Some people may hate to read this but those green vegetables that we often don’t like to eat are the source of all nutrients. Leafy green vegetables and fruit juice are so good for our skin because they have antioxidants which are responsible for the growth and nourishment of new skill cells. We will miss those pizzas, but for the sake of our own health and skin which is detoriating due to several causes we have to eat these vegetables and fruits which are not that bad either.

Do some experimentation:

We won’t just sit back and watch ourselves with aging skin and dark patches on our skin, but will try to fix those problems ourselves. So, to do that we have to do some experimentation with our skin but we should not go overboard and make it worse. We should go for facials and face packs with natural peels to make our skin glowy, get rid of those lines and dark circles but in the natural way, not with those cosmetics with numerous amounts of chemicals.

There are a number of people around you who do not take much care of their skin but still have flawless tone. It is because they maintain some of the healthiest habits such as those mentioned above.


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